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Why Do You Need A ChoiceU.com Account?

As a franchisee or an employee of a franchisee of a Choice® hotel property, you have exclusive access to a large volume of customized training resources to help improve your professional development and business skillset. Resources range in topics from day-to-day operations to industry hot topics and are available for every job role on property.

To access these resources you must first have a personal student account on ChoiceU.com which must be created for you by the General Manager (GM) at your hotel. Once your student account has been created, you are ready to begin! Your journey will begin with logging in.

Looking for answers?

You can watch the Getting the Most of ChoiceU.com video, review the our Online Help Guide below or  Click here to view our frequently asked questions

Account Overview

Your student account on ChoiceU.com provides you exclusive access to an abundance of training resources based on your personal job role! The first step of your journey begins by logging in and setting up your profile with custom preferences.

Welcome Page

The ChoiceU.com welcome page is your launching pad to access all your training resources. Finding the training you want, and the training you didn’t know you wanted, has never been easier!

ChoiceU.com Locations

The ChoiceU.com locations give you the ability to search or view your training by content type.

Learning Maps

Your personal Learning Map guides you to the most relevant resources based on your job role and brand, and let you access those resources in one easy click!

Content Page

The content page lets you manage your own training experience. Conduct advance searches, read content descriptions, bookmark your favorites, archive your completions, and even rate training content!

Webinars, Workshops & Events

View your webinar, workshop & events training sessions day by day or month by month and learn how to register for an upcoming training session.

Reports & Certificates

Run reports on your training history, pull transcripts on your training completions, and generate certificates for your most outstanding training achievements!

ChoiceU Badges

ChoiceU.com Badges are back, click here to see how to Learn & Earn.

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