Webinars, Events, and Workshops

Webinar/Event/Workshop Calendar View

Both Webinar and Events/Workshop locations are defaulted to a Calendar View.


How to Register for a session

  1. To register for a Webinar/Event/Workshop session, click on any day that is populated with sessions. (Image: Session 1). 
  2. Click the Register button on the time-slot you would like to attend. The time-slot will highlight Green once you have registered. You can click View to see more details about the class. (Image: Session 2)
Session 1
Session 1
Session 2
Session 2

Note: In some cases, the class may be full and you will be placed on a Waitlist when you register for a Webinar/Event/Workshop session. If additional seats are open and if you are next in line on the Waitlist you will be automatically registered for the session. You will be notified via an email notification. 

How to Launch a Webinar

To launch a Webinar, click on Launch. Note: if you need to drop out of a session or you cannot attend the session, please click Drop Out.

Session 3
Session 3

Calendar Icons and Toggles

The calendar will only show your registered sessions

Calendar Icon 1

Will display the information in a different view (like the content page)

Calendar Icon 2

Registered, Waitlisted, Not Registered

Calendar Icon 3

Allows you to change the month year of your calendar. Click on the Month or Year to update the calendar.

Calendar Icon 4
Calendar Icon 8

Filter the calendar by Sate or Location of class (Events/Workshop Only).

Calendar Icon 7

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